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Society of the
First African Families of English America


Board of Directors





President General   Mr. Ric Murphy
Secretary General       Ms. L. Jacqueline Long
Treasurer General     Mr. Douglas Cornwall
Auditor General Mr. Dean Henry
Chancellor General Vacant
Genealogist General    Dr. Shelley Murphy
Registrar General Mr. Andre Kearns
Historian General   Ms. Gigi Best Richardson
Librarian General    Mr. Luke Alexander
Surgeon General    Dr. Wendell Goins
Chaplain General Rev. Dr. Khadijah Matin


Vice Presidents


New England District Mr. Hunter Moyler
North Atlantic District Mr. Christopher Williams
Mid-Atlantic District Ms. Joyce Mosley
South Atlantic District Dr. Arwin Smallwood
South Central District Ms. Stephani Miller
Great Lakes District    Ms. Lisa Fanning
Central District   Mr. Steven Wright
Rocky Mountain District Vacant
Western District Mr. Henry Goins
International District Mr. Jaylon Carter